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If you are looking for an heating repair services in Everett, Arctic Heat LLC is ready to help. We are a locally owned and operated business that has helped countless customers get their heating systems up and running again. We offer same-day service!

Our technicians are licensed, work with all major heating systems, and are available for emergency heating repair services. 

Call (360) 207-2965 for professional heater repair services in Everett or the surrounding areas.

What Are the Signs You Need Heating Repair?

It’s important to know the signs of a heating system breakdown so you can call a professional as soon as you notice them.

The signs of a heating system breakdown include:

  • Lack of warm air coming from the vents
  • Uneven temperatures throughout your home
  • A high energy bill for no reason
  • A burning or electrical smell 
  • Loud banging or clanking noises 
  • An increase in humidity
  • Frequent cycling of your heating system

If you notice any of these signs, don't delay in calling a professional. The sooner you can get your heating system fixed, the less damage will be done. Don't let your heating system break down during the coldest time of the year — we can get it fixed fast so you can stay warm.

What Causes Heating Systems to Breakdown?

Even though there are warning signs that something is wrong with your heating system, the actual cause of the malfunction can be difficult to pinpoint. 

There are many factors that can contribute to a breakdown, including but not limited to:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Loose connections or faulty wires
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Faulty blower motor
  • Faulty burner
  • Broken or cracked heat exchanger
  • Broken fan motor

How Can You Prevent Constant Heating Repair Issues?

To prevent constant heating repair issues, you should take good care of your heating system. First, change the air filters regularly, usually every 1-3 months, to keep the air flowing smoothly. Second, schedule annual maintenance with a professional technician to check for problems before they get worse. Third, make sure your home is well-insulated to keep the heat in.

Lastly, be mindful of how you use your heating system – avoid setting it too high, and consider using a programmable thermostat to save energy when you're not at home. These steps can help you avoid frequent heating repairs and keep your home warm and cozy.

Why You Should Trust Our Heating Professionals

When it comes to heating repair, you need a professional who is knowledgeable about all the different types of systems and can get to the bottom of the problem. With our team of experienced professionals, you can rest assured that your problem will be fixed quickly and correctly. We use the latest in technology to diagnose the problem and the highest quality parts to get your system up and running again.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Why is my heating system not producing warm air?

There are several possible reasons for a heating system not producing warm air, including a faulty thermostat, dirty air filters, or a broken fan motor. It is best to call a professional to diagnose and fix the issue.

What should I do if my heating system is making loud banging or clanking noises?

Loud banging or clanking noises coming from your heating system can indicate a mechanical problem, such as a loose or broken part. It is recommended to turn off the system and contact a professional for inspection and repair.

How often should I change the air filters in my heating system?

Air filters in heating systems should be changed regularly, usually every 1-3 months. This helps to maintain good airflow and prevent dust and debris from accumulating in the system.

Can lack of maintenance cause heating system breakdown?

Yes, lack of maintenance can contribute to heating system breakdown. Regular maintenance, performed by a professional technician, helps to identify and address potential issues before they become major problems.

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